Farmer’s iPhone ‘disappeared up cow’s backside’

A farmer has tried to claim insurance after his iPhone disappeared up his cow’s backside.The man was assisting the cow during calving at the time, and was using a torch app on his mobile.

iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy SIII


He later retrieved the phone but the device was too damaged.

Other strange mobile phone insurance claims, revealed by, include a woman reporting that a seagull stole her Samsung Galaxy from her, and a couple who dropped their phone in the ocean while re-enacting the iconic ‘King of the World’ scene from Titanic on a cruise ship.

Elsewhere, a woman in Nottingham was baking a Victoria sponge for her daughter’s birthday when she realized afterwards that her Nokia 6303i was inside the cake.

Another woman claimed her BlackBerry Bold 9900’s vibration function had ceased working, having used it as a sex toy to pleasure herself.