Cissy Houston is allegedly withholding her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown’s multi-million dollar inheritance, because she’s worried that Bobbi Kristina will go off the deep end.

It’s been a while since we heard about Bobbi Kristina — there were some concerns about her health after Whitney’s death, and then there was the report that she was dating her adopted brother Nick Gordon. (She still is.)

But Bobbi Kristina has mostly stayed out of the tabloids, and Cissy Houston wants to keep it that way.

 According to several reports, CIssy feels that Bobbi Kristina is impressionable and surrounded by negative influences, including Gordon and her father Bobby Brown.

All that aside, it’s usually never a good idea for a young person to get that much money, so modifying Whitney’s will might just be the safest course of action.

According to sources, Cissy wants to wait until Bobbi has matured significantly more before she gets her money … an estate estimated at $20 million … though it’s unclear how long she wants her to wait.

BMS toldya last week, Cissy and Whitney’s sister-in-law Pat Houston filed a request this week to modify Whitney’s will — in order to change the distribution schedule of the estate. As for allegations Cissy is trying to withhold Bobbi’s fortune to hoard the money for herself — Cissy is telling friends that’s total BS … that’s it’s about protecting her family.