234Pulse Reader : “I am 19 Now But He wants to marry me in 15 years”

My name is Alexis,am 19,I’ve been dating a guy for 4yrs now,am so madly and endlessly in love with him,I had d shock of my life when he told me after we had a nice round of sex that he will marry me when am 30yrs old!,I. Know my parents are against us,but am a woman!,how can I date a man 4 15yrs b4 marriage?…..and the thing is,I just found out 2 days ago that am almost a month gone with his baby,what do I do?,I meet him when I was very young,now,am in school 200lvl in school!,what do I do with d pregnancy?…..can I wait 4 him?,I need your advice please,no insults


3 thoughts on “234Pulse Reader : “I am 19 Now But He wants to marry me in 15 years””

  1. Don’t think he loves u but still let him knw abt d pregnancy to knw his reaction and if he refuses to tak responsibility n marry u den forget him n keep d baby for uself n move on with ur life

  2. How old is the guy now? 15 years??? I think he is just playing with you. But una for dey use protection na!!! Pregnancy abi? Have the baby with or without him. Give him a 2 years ultimatum

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