FUNNY VIDEO: Are Nigerians returning from the US or UK helping or hurting Nigeria?

Are Nigerians returning from the US or UK helping or hurting Nigeria?

For decades Nigeria has seen a so-called “brain drain” as educated Nigerians moved to the West in search of job opportunities – but now that is all changing – with the economic downturn in the US and UK, many Nigerians are returning home – a “Brain Gain”.

But what do Nigerians who have remained in the country think – are those returning home helping or hurting? Watch Video

(Jobs in Nigeria) are Nigerians returning home helping or hurting the country?

“I don’t think they are helping,” says one man. “They are just coming in to cash in on the ample opportunities in this country to get on and deteriorate – because Nigeria is a consuming environment.” 

There are not figures for how many Nigerians have returned to Nigeria in the last decade or so since the return to democracy in 1999. But Lagos, in particular, has seen a large influx of so-called “repatriates” after the city’s rehabilitation efforts by Governor Fashola.

“They come back and want Nigeria to function like in the West so that is a good thing,” agrees an older gentleman.

However, despite the expertise many of the “Repats” bring to their jobs in Nigeria in the banking and telecom sectors, many of the Nigerians already in the country believe they are simply being opportunistic at the the expense of those who have struggled for decades under military rule.

“People coming from the UK – most of them have gone there to struggle so they can’t be coming back to help us!” says one young man.

Or, perhaps, despite their best efforts – they can’t change anything and neither hurt or help:

“The people coming back does not change much for the people already on the ground.”