What an Ordeal! London Citizen Kidnapped in Asaba, robbed and Passport Seized by Delta Police

Roland Scott who hailed from London but reside in Belgium was kidnapped 3 weeks ago in Delta State where he stays with his associate, Frank Okafor who lives at No. 12 D.L.A Street.

Roland Scott

What an ordeal! Why are people so callous? This man was stripped off everything including his dignity and now his life is in danger.  This is so sad….

According to the information gathered, the kidnappers allowed Roland to call his friend Mary Garrity who lives in the United States for a ransom.

According to Mary Garrity, she identified the kidnapper as Gerald Yaser Abdulkarim. She also revealed that she called a police officer in Niger Delta and subsequent calls could not go through.

Roland Scott is a civil engineer who went to Nigeria last October and was robbed, and he was trying to get money to pay his hotel Bill at The Grand Hotel, Asaba and pay his workers. He was kidnapped when walking to Frank Okafor’ s residence.

Roland’s passport was seized by Delta police who claimed that he might run away without paying his workers. Roland was robbed of his money. He stayed with his driver Frank Okafor and his family due to his inability to pay his workers and hotel bill.

It was gathered that he is being held in a forest. He added that there are others there too who were kidnapped.

The kidnappers who spoke with Mary demanded for $7, 000 otherwise he will be killed and thrown by the road side. She added that Roland revealed that he is getting weaker as he is being beaten and given less food daily

A call was put to the Police commissioner several times but it was always rejected.  Another call was made to the police emergency unit in the area who revealed that the CP might be busy and advised to call later.

When The Delta State PPR, Mr. Famous Ajieh was contacted on phone, he said he was making necessary contacts on the issue and promised to get back to us as soon as possible