Drunk Zimbabwe woman (47) demands sex from son (20), ‘plays’ with his ‘joystick’

A 46-YEAR-OLD Nketa suburb woman has been found wanting after she allegedly asked her 20-year-old son to be intimate with her.

A source said the Bulawayo woman, Nontokozo Ndlovu, is understood to have taken her motherly love a bit far late last month. It is reported that on the day, Ndlovu returned home from a beer binge late at night and found her son Themba sleeping in a room where they both use as the bedroom. She is said to have told him to warm her food.

Themba did likewise and after serving his mother, he went back to sleep. Ndlovu reportedly ate her meal and afterwards got into bed. In the middle of the night, she woke up and told her son who was sleeping on the floor to join her in bed as she was experiencing nightmares.

The unsuspecting man joined her mother. In no time he had gone back to sleep not knowing that his mother was up to no good. It is reported that moments later, the man was allegedly awoken by his mother’s hand which was groping his manhood.

A source said she went on to ask her son to put his ‘joystick’ to good use but he refused.

“Where on earth have you ever heard of such a thing. What kind of a mother is that? When we say a hen has consumed its own eggs, that’s what we will be talking about,” said the source.

The man is understood to have jumped off the bed, bolted out of the house and spent the rest of the night at a neighbour’s house. Themba reportedly narrated his ordeal to a relative and a meeting was held between him, his mother and other relatives on Saturday last week.

“She (Ndlovu) promised that she would never do it again and if she did she should be reported to the police,” said the source.

Contacted for comment, the woman said she had suffered enough and did not want the world to know about her ill- mannered antics.

“Please don’t write me. I was drunk and this thing is haunting me,” she said.

On the other hand, her son said he had forgiven her.