Bulawayo married woman (36) who got stuck to boy (16) during sex plans to sue hubby

Bulawayo married woman (36) who got stuck to boy (16) during sex plans to sue hubby
In a case that looks set to scale new heights, a Nketa suburb married woman in Bulawayo who who allegedly got stuck to a 16-year-old boy during sex is planning to sue her estranged husband for using suspected runyoka on her.

A source close to Margaret Msipa (36) said the woman met with her family last weekend to map the way forward. During the deliberations, Msipa’s father reportedly expressed displeasure at his Christian son-in-law’s seemingly un-Christian ways. Msipa’s father is said to have advised his daughter to take the legal route to seek recourse.

“It was agreed that she should not go back to him. She comes from a Christian family and her father said he wanted nothing to hear about his son-in-law. So they agreed that she should sue him,” said the source.

The mole alleged that the woman’s father blocked attempts by the family to seek audience with their son-in-law’s relatives.

“He is angry with what happened and as old as he is, he wouldn’t listen to anyone. Because he is the family head, he has the last say. Maybe he will change his mind later about the issue,” said the source.

It is reported that there was a near trade of blows after an aunt to Msipa suggested that the runyoka man be arraigned before the elders to explain his actions.

“She said Enock (Msipa’s husband) should be brought before the elders and fined for what he did. However, some relatives were angered by the statement and dismissed her before threatening to beat her up,” added the source.

When contacted for comment, Msipa said she was ‘seriously’ considering taking legal action against her husband.

“What I did was wrong but for him to go to that extent is a violation of my rights. I believe I would have a strong case against him,” said the woman who believed her “rights” were violated.

Asked whether her marriage had reached a point of no return, she had she would for now sue her husband, as in line with her father’s advice. She said she wasn’t sure about her marriage’s fate.

On her 16-year-old lover, the woman said she was sorry for what she had put him through.

“I really liked him and what happened is unfortunate. I am very sorry,” she said.

The incident brings back memories of a Bulawayo boy who in 2009 was christened “snake torture boy” by the media after he started seeing a snake getting into his body and biting his manhood almost daily after he had sex with a married woman. A Gokwe-based traditional healer came to the boy’s rescue after conventional medical doctors had found no remedy.

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