“My Husband Wants Me To Have SexX With Other Men, He Says It Turns Him On”


My husband’s idea of a birthday treat for me was to take me to a sexx club, where he picked up a guy for a threesome.

I’ve repeatedly told him I don’t want to have sexx with anyone else but he tells me I’m the luckiest wife alive as no other husband would encourage his wife to have sexx with other men.

We were both in our late twenties when we married 15 years ago. We have always had a very active sexx life but he’s become increasingly hard to please. I had no problem with him watching pornn or dressing up for him, but then he started talking about having a threesome with another woman to turn him on.

I thought he meant it just as a fantasy – something to talk about, not do – but he got the impression I was willing to hire a female escort and have sexx with her as a turn-on for him. When I didn’t he got angry, and aggressive and made my life hell for weeks afterwards.

Lately he’s been talking about me having sexx with a man as his ultimate fantasy. When he took me away for my birthday, I thought he’d realised how upset I had been and was making it up to me.

Then he picked up the guy in the club for a threesome. I knew I’d have to go along with it or the next few months would be unbearable. I wasn’t attracted to the guy at all but I had to act out everything my husband wanted while he made it even worse by videoing it all. I just switched off or I’d have lost my mind.

Now he watches the video repeatedly and has started on about us doing it again.

I have to behave like a slut otherwise he can’t get turned on. I just feel like an object for his pleasure. I know the kids deserve to have their dad around but I’m not sure how much more I can take – this is not a marriage to me. I hate it but he only cares about his own desires. I am married to a perverted stranger.