Atlanta Stripper Suffocates to Death After Being Drowned in dollar bills !!!


dead from drowning in dollars

ATLANTA — Local stripper Shiquita “Lola Bunny” Williams drowned to death after suffocating under a flurry of one dollar bills and some tens according to suspected drug dealer Carlos Sims one of the parties responsible for making it rain at Diamonds of Atlanta during the night she succumbed to the dollar bill.

“Let’s be clear it wasn’t just 1′s in that stack” said Carlos wanting to clear up that he’s not a cheap tipper and that in fact there were at least one hundred 10′s and a couple of 20′s in the stacks he threw at Shiquita. With this being the first time a stripper has died from a customer making it rain; Police are investigating any foul play, but as of now a lone dollar bill lodged in her throat while she was trapped under the 2 foot tall pile of money seems to be the murderer

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