FULL VIDEO: Soon To be Married Actress Bose Akanmu’s SexxTape Leaks


THE WHOLE BOSE AKANMU SEXTAPE SAGA! If you’re still lost or wondering who Bose Akanmu is, then here’s a brief explanation: the leaked sex tape is said to have been uploaded by her Ex-Boyfriend after their break up back in the year 2007, then Bose’s fiancé found the tape here in 2013 and its so unfortunate that their wedding is in 3weeks time!

SHE KNEW SHE WAS BEING RECORDED SHE ASKED “Are you recording it?” he replied ” we will watch it and I will delete it”…..and NEVER DID!!!!








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10 thoughts on “FULL VIDEO: Soon To be Married Actress Bose Akanmu’s SexxTape Leaks

  1. I smell a rat here. Something definitely is wrong for this video to be on the internet. Could this be a love went sour and sweet revenge? Well, whatever is the case, Bose, know that the downfall of a woman is not the end of her life. Retrace your steps back to where you missed it and gather the pieces of your life. By putting your trust in the Lord, He surely fix it up and better than what it was before. This may be a way of the Lord bringing you back into your senses and then promoting you.

  2. The guy is just stupid and immature. Every women to some extent has done this or more so no biggie. Her husband to be will be stupid not to marry her.

  3. she was just a victim of circumstance,if i was the guy that will not stop me from getting married to her,every body have a past,i will put the poster to shame

  4. abeggy wats all d comments all about now…she dumb ni?was she on drugs?she was testing microphone and the guy was video taping her and she was feeling it later she was even d 1 fckin d guy..una sabi as d guy b to her or hw dem tak brkup or hw re u so sure wen d sex occured?no one here knws d true story so please lets take it easy before we judge… am not siding d bastard dat posted d video tape cause dats a very immature and wicked act no matter wat but atleast lets say d truth..we al av sex wit our lovers no big deal bt……haba!!!!!!she sef bad gan…

  5. This is betrayal of trust. The guy should go and die if he’s jealous somewhat? He said “we will watch it together and delete it” . Therefore he’s a big fool who has refused to grow up. This tape means nothing to me cos it looks very unreal. No contribution from the stupid and devilish guy so he’s to be castrated since he doesn’t understand what sex means.

  6. So what? , the guy was even selfish, he didn’t even care about d lady he was just lying down there like a wood making lady doing all the work

  7. Common Nigerian men needs to grow the f*** up and stop acting like little kids.

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