SHOCKING PHOTOS – Pics Of Actor Paul Walker’s Dead Body After The Accident (WARNING – Graphic)

Few minutes before Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker died in a car accident yesterday, he posed next to the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT that exploded on impact in the deadly accident. TMZ reports that this pic above was taken just 30 minutes before the accident.

Paul Walker Dies in Violent Car Accident! Fast & Furious Series Star Killed in Terrible Accident in Los Angeles Car Crash-3

Paul had put together a car show charity event in Santa Clarita, CA. through his ReachOut Worldwide organization, to support typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines and was leaving the event in the red Porsche car when his friend lost control and slammed into a tree. The car exploded on impact. The police says speed was a factor. See more photos after the cut…

Paul Walker took a pic with a fan at the event minutes before the accident.

The accident happened very near the event venue…


Paulwith the driver of the car, Roger Rodas. Roger Rodas also pictured right

UPDATE –  WATCH: Shocking New Video of Paul Walker Crash That KILLED The Actor 

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22 thoughts on “SHOCKING PHOTOS – Pics Of Actor Paul Walker’s Dead Body After The Accident (WARNING – Graphic)

  1. Oh my god it was so bad .His movies and personality were so good

  2. Wow the accident was bad and it claimed one of the best actors life .Rest In Peace . You were an idol your memory lives on…………………….Paul Walker

  3. Are you a coroner Jasmine, or even work in a coroner’s office. How do you know what a coroner would be able to work with? A strong opinion is still not a fact. I hate to get really specific, since it seems so disrespectful, but in the interest of squashing ignorance, in this case, there’s a really good chance their bones were intact. Furthermore, the teeth don’t completely burn, (in cremations, they’re usually sifted – ick) so even when the bones have been incinerated, a coroner still has something to work with.

  4. Fake. Fake. Fake-fake-fake. These poor fellas got charred beyond recognition. In this photo, you can see some facial features – that’s just not possible. The red streaking everywhere – as if to suggest blood and tissue is absurd. There’s no way a person would retain that amount of vascular structure and tissue after prolonged exposure to intense heat and flame.

  5. those bodies in the pic are hella burnt and unrecognizable.if you look closely pauls head is charred and rogers body is badly burned and mangled.Thier bodies just happened to come to rest right in front of the exposed engine where the fire would be most intense because of the fuel spilling out probably right on them than igniting.

  6. This isn’t fake. The car did NOT explode. It hit a tree and then 60 seconds later caught on fire at rapid pace. If the car exploded then the coroner, who even stated had trouble identifying the body, would have nothing to work with. Those are burned bodies laying there sadly. It’s the reality of a tragic accident.

  7. this is real, this is what happen when you get burned, not a fake, try to recognize someone in the car.

  8. Unfortunately this is real and the picture does show the 2 badly burnt bodies. The car didn’t explode. It impacted the light pole and then hit the tree in the background. Then it caught fire and burned for a bit till it was put out. R.I.P. Paul Walker Very Sad regardless of the circumstances…..

  9. I just cant belive what happan to him…first time after long time it brings tears to my eyes….but IF he is dead,,rest in peace bro…..cant refill your loss……..


  11. Very saddened , to here of the death of one of my favorite actor condolences to his family and friends you are in my prayers

  12. It’s 1000% true:'( I just wanted it to be a sick hoax but its not! RIP Paul…
    I will always love you<3

  13. esta imagen de paul walker muerto es falsa – paul walker died this image is false

  14. Yeah that isn’t him. Car exploded on impact and continued to burn. Both bodies were so badly burned they said would take days to make positive ids on the bodies. And no not saying that wasn’t them in the car. But the pic of this guy is not Paul… have seen this floating around on different sites for different things

  15. Ебаные долбаёбы!!! На хуя такие фото выкладывать, мрази!!! В рот вас ебать гнид!

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