For the past few months Durex Condoms has been updating it’s Facebook page with a U.S.state-themed “sex position” of the week. There’s Texas (cowgirl, with the girl actually wearing a ten-gallon hat). The Massachusetts (Girl-on-top a la Paul Revere “riding until your message is delivered”). And The Iowa (guy holding girl up with her legs around his waist, thrusting like “shucking corn.”  


    As creative, unique, and downright silly some of these positions may be, Durex’s iintentions are noble enough: “Say bye-bye, boring sex…hello, to exploring and jaw-dropping great sex.” Since we firmly believe no one should be having lackluster sex, we’ve compiled all 50 state sex positions in one giant gallery. Consider it a Kama Sutra for banging your way across the nifty, fifty United States. We can’t think of a more patriotic pursuit in the bedroom

    Ain’t America great?