A frozen fox.


A frozen ship.


A frozen and icy stuffed animal.

Flash-frozen waters in the forest.

A penny stuck in an icicle.

A frozen water balloon.

A completely frozen trash bin.

A frozen lighthouse near Lake Michigan.

The Chicago river is completely frozen over.

When in frozen land, play frozen beer pong.

Dogs enjoying a frozen lake.

A frozen, iced out street sign.

A frozen waterfall.

A block of ice that looks like a raining cloud.

This window literally cracked under pressure.

Have you ever seen frozen toilet water?!

Someone forgot to winterize their truck.

Frozen methane bubbles in Antarctica.

A frozen stop sign in Russia.

The bravest horse of all time takes on the frozen ocean.

A frozen bubble.

A bunch of icy flower buds.

A frozen geyser. This could be the coolest picture of all time.

A trail of frozen flowers.

Another frozen lighthouse near Lake Michigan.

Giant frozen tear drops!

A frozen frog.

A frozen dragonfly.

Frozen trees near Lake Michigan.

A frozen, kind of depressed statue.