First thing that steals attention about this post is the left hand fixed as suggesting holding a particular type of drug, and the look on his face too matches the common one for the act. But you can’t really see anything within his fingers and let’s face it, its broad daylight, just how foolhardy can Wizkid be? But of course this is going to create some online ruckus. The second significant factor of the post is the caption. ”My shoe game! U can’t touch that shit”.

This is definitely going to be misinterpreted as a shot at a certain artists who recently donned the same brand of Wizkid’s shoe, worn in a photo with Chris Brown. And to push the buzz further, the shirt Breezy himself wore, did not escape the brave ensemble of Davido

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It may be assumed that Wizkid is expressing the uniqueness of the cool red shoes he is rocking, pointing out that it is not available for swagger jacking by other artists. But that’s what people are going to say. Its not what we are saying!