But now gold is not only used in cosmetics and anti-aging preparations. For those who already do not know how to spend money, designer Tobias Wong invented tablets of gold «Golden Pills». Capsules of 2 centimeters in size filled with 24-karat gold powder and covered with a thin gold shell. It is still not known whether these golden tablets have any healing properties. The gold pills for $ 425 a piece.

Ten unusual gold products. Gas barbecue grill SL Gold by Australian company

The barbecue gas grill of gold, worth 165,000 dollars. For those who love luxury and want to enjoy cooking, the Australian company producing grills BeefEater made ​​the most expensive barbecue, completely covered with pure 24k gold (except working surfaces). Golden gas barbecue grill Signature SL Gold is of fine quality and functionality. Grill has 6 burners high power, a powerful extra side burner, electric spit, metal cap with a thermometer and a large fire-resistant glass. Barbecue grill itself is made of stainless steel, and its surface is coated with gold.

Ten unusual gold products. Gas barbecue grill SL Gold by Australian company

First it was a barbecue for the exhibition Sydney Home Show, which took place in 2008. Then the value of the gold barbecue was 60 000 dollars, but then the price has increased to 165,000 dollars. And due to the fact that the price for gold is constantly going up, it may be a good investment.

Ten unusual gold products. Gold baby carriage by British designers Graham Richardson and Alison Murfet

British designers Graham Richardson and Alison Murfet offer caring parents to buy a gold-plated baby stroller of twenty four carat. In 1877 gold carriages were made ​​for children of the richest families in the world. Design duo decided to revive this tradition by making a gold carriage. All items in prams Silver Cross Silver Shadow are covered with 24-carat gold, stroller itself is made of genuine leather and trimmed in satin. In addition, there is a built in stereo wheelchair. This vehicle is intended for future oligarchs, as its cost is 12,000 dollars. Incidentally, the first golden carriage has already been sold to a businessman from South Africa.

Ten unusual gold products. Gold coffin exhibited in the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The golden coffin was exhibited in the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur. This Chinese coffin is similar to the gold-plated coffins of world celebrities Michael Jackson and James Brown. Coffin covered with gold, has silk lining and some features, such as the ventilation system and the lock on the case, if someone wants to try to lie in a coffin while still alive. The coffin costs half a million of dollars. People believe in life after death, but it seems that some are looking for luxury for the next life.

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