If at all the amount of noise and actions made by someone from a certain place could determine their comfort, then the Big Brother House guests are in the most comfortable zone of their lives….. This reminds me of a short story which I would like to share with you before I continue with this blog.

On a  very cold day in winter,  when animals and birds were freeing their lives, a certain bird got tired and fell on the snow. As it was about to die, a cow passing by dropped dung on  him(bird). This created a warm environment for the bird and started singing! It was just a matter of time when it got eaten by an eagle! The Moral of story is that ” Not everyone who drops sh*t on you is your enemy and when you are in deep sh*t try to keep quiet”… Hope we are at the same page now!

The 26 Housemates living in Biggies house are up for possible eviction  except Laveda whose  saxophone skills won  her  safety this week. What takes me aback is that, despite the fact that one or two or three might be going back home next week, the Housemates enjoyed their l first night in Biggie’s house to the fullest.

Esther and Macky2 enjoyed the Jacuzzi before anyone else, Lilian found peace with the kitchen, Permithias, JJ, Tayo and Luis were the night’s songbirds as Lilian found some peace in the kitchen with some girls.

A lot of things are expected in the Big Brother House and among those is love! As a super fan  and an avid watch ofBig Brother Africa, I have witnessed how the love zones are created among housemates thus making me have a lil clue. Basing on how some housemates are getting along with others, I can smell some showmances mushrooming.

There are  hints that others may have found something special already as Macky2 and Esther got comfortable, as well as Lilian and Frankie, and Tayo and Laveda. Was it for real, or was it strategy? Only time will tell.

We still have 62 days to see what’s to  happen next and one thing for sure, we’re always watchin’!