GIST: 6 Things You Should Never Do To Impress A Girl »

Guys like to do a lot of silly stuff to impress a girl. Sometimes they can do anything possible to attract a girl’s attention. You should aim to impress her, but try to avoid doing these bad things. So the truth is that you will probably regret doing these things. Read on;

1. Getting too drunk

Most guys are guilty of this. Especially when you want to impress a girl, and take her at your place, or just to spend a night with her. But it is wrong. Firstly it can damage your health. And you have a higher chance of misbehaving. So it does not a guarantee that you will give her a good time. And the lady would think you lack confidence and self-esteem.

2. Spending too much money

Yep, you want to look rich and cool. But it is not enough reason to spoil your lady with unnecessary gifts you would not normally buy for her. There is no sense in such behavior. So you should better stop before it is too late.

3. Lying

It is not all about the white lies. It is such big lies like telling a lady that you are a Chelsea player. Or that you are working in Shell. In case you want a serious relationship with a lady you should try to avoid telling lies because it will be something you regret later.

4. Maltreating your friends

If you are hanging out with your friends and then you see a lady you want to know better, it is a bad idea to tell bad things about your friends to impress a lady. Try not to fight or quarrel with your friends to impress a new girl.

5. Don’t give up your values

The worst idea you can do – to backside your beliefs because your new girlfriend told you to. Never abandon your hobbies, beliefs and relatives. It shows you as an unserious person. Girls can be gone from your life, but your family, God and loved ones will always stay with you. So don’t make them upset.

6. Pretending to be another person

It is almost the same as with lying. Why pretend to be a bad/rugged guy if you are the kind and gentle type? There are plenty of ladies who will like you for what you really are. Don’t force yourself to turn into the wrong person.