Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne love each other.

They always play the “we’re like brother and sister” card, but no brother and sister act like this with each other. At least no normal brother and sister.

Their sexual tension is off the charts and we just want them to admit it already… they’ve totallyyyyy, well, ya know.

We have photo proof of their love affair, but they just won’t admit to it, and it’s so damn frustrating.

So here’s the photo proof while we wait. But we may be waiting a long time.

Last night at the Billboard Music Awards, Nicki gave Wayne the best lap dance of all time.

Here is how he reacted:

He is clearly infatuated with Nicki’s booty…

because, well, it’s huge

That’s what she said.

But that wasn’t the first lap dance he’s ever received from her…

But anyway, these two really love each other.

They even kiss in public…

And she likes to rub his chest.

And they simulate sex scenes for music videos.

He even sneaks a peek of her phone

They also like to cuddle

And take totally adorable pics together