We live in the internet age,one doesn’t really need much to get popular, a sex tape from an estranged lover will just do fine.Well in this case, I am not talking about a sex tape ,it’s about a viral 2d animation which we Nigerians prefer to call “cartoon”.This animation is  called Aje Vs Kpako.

We most times see funny viral videos but never know or bother finding out the creative people behind it .I got this cartoon from a whatsapp broadcast by a friend.I watched and really liked it.The fact that I could relate easily to it did the magic.

It is about a nursery school rhymes between two kids ,the aje kpako and theaje bota created by Ajebotoons.  I sang along to all the songs like a true Aje kpako.If you haven’t still watch the video,you’re on a long thing.After some little google search,I found the creator of the 2d animation and what I found out was quite unexpected.Here is our little chat or should I call it interview,anyway enjoy!

Here is  the video(voiced by the Nigerian comedian-Maleke):


Our Chat/Interview

Báyò Máyò: Hello ,So can you tell us a little first about yourself?

Ajebotoons: My name is Eguvwe Majomi Yugbovwre, but people call me Emy. They are my initials,plus its easier to pronounce. Lol. I’m number 11 out of 11 kids from my parents. Yes one powerful woman. And i am the creator and founder of Ajebotoons, a Nigerian 2D animation company.

Báyò Máyò: wow 11,that’s a football squad,lol

Ajebotoons: Yeah 11. Hahahaha

Báyò Máyò: no subsitiute player?

Ajebotoons: Lol..nah. Not that I know of

Ajebotoons: I graduated with a BA in Mass Communications from the University of Portharcourt and I am a self trained animator.

Ajebotoons: I also got an award for best in 3D animation class of 2011,for New York Film Academy/ Delyork. When they came to Nigeria for a training.

Báyò Máyò: so how did you venture into animation?

Ajebotoons: I’ve always loved cartoons, and discovered I could learn to make them move in late 2009

Báyò Máyò: It was quite interesting when I found out that Emy,is a lady :)

Ajebotoons: Yeah a lot of people do not believe it that was the reason I had to make a new video introducing myself at the end of the video


Báyò Máyò: So what inspired you to do the video?

Ajebotoons:Well, first of all,the audio was done by some comedians in portharcourt (cant mention their names here), it was public property, and has been out for years till I came across it in 2011. I liked it and every time I listened to it I could visualize those my characters,so I decided to created an animation for it recently,in 2014. That was the beginning of Aje vs Kpako

Báyò Máyò: so how do you see the male dominated animation industry in Nigeria?

Ajebotoons: I don’t see it as a male dominated industry. I see it as an untapped industry in Nigeria. It’s still in its infancy,and I am glad to be a part of its growth in Nigeria.

 Báyò Máyò: how did you get yourself into the New york film academy training?

Ajebotoons: Hmmm. It’s a funny story.

Báyò Máyò: I’m all ears

 Ajebotoons: The fee was $5000 of which I or my parents could not afford.So I applied for scholarship.The training was for four weeks and I had never even seen a 3d software. The training started and I had not heard back from them. One week after they started I got a call and a text that I was accepted and could come in the following day. I was so excited. Only for me to get there and was told the 3D class was full and I should register into another class like maybe script writing or directing.

I was devastated. I was already close to tears. I quickly showed them my very wacky 2d shots I had then. Lol. And they were impressed. They called the “Oyinbo” man that was teaching the 3d class and he came down,looked at my work and was impressed. He said he would personally make sure Iget a seat in the 3D class,and that was it.

I did the 4weeks class in 3weeks and emerged d best. Lol

Báyò Máyò: Wow touching story.

 Báyò Máyò:as a child ,my Heroes then were, Batman, Superman, Robin etc. Do You see the next generation of Nigerian kids having indigenious Super Heroes?

Ajebotoons:  Especially with the way we are moving fast in the comic industry. Our Nigerian heroe characters in the comic industry are quickly picking up. Hopefully, the animations would too.

Báyò Máyò: Does the Nigerian comic/ animators have some sort of organization or body?

Ajebotoons: Yes we do. For comics, there is Comic Panel. And for animations it’s AwaFoundation (Animation West Africa Foundation). We are really working on a lot of things to improve both bodies.

 Báyò Máyò: What advice do you have for young aspiring Nigerians especially girls with great dreams?

Ajebotoons: There will be loads and loads of challenges and discouragements from everywhere! But you have to ignore the negative world and hold on to your dream and push yourself. One day na one day. Lol

Báyò Máyò: hehehe abi o

 Báyò Máyò: From your aje vs akpako video, which  side of the coin do you fall in reality?lol

Ajebotoons: Hahahha.. Ah, I’m a Kpako oh! But everyone that know me will disagree. Lol

 Ajebotoons: How about you?

Báyò Máyò: what’s below aje kpako?

Ajebotoons: Ah….. I dont know oh

Báyò Máyò: Ajemetal!

Ajebotoons: Hehehe

Báyò Máyò: one more question * still thinking

Báyò Máyò: so what inspires you?

Báyò Máyò: and how do you picture yourself in the animation industry in 10 years time?(that’s two question already sha)

Ajebotoons: What inspires me? Hmmm a lot of things. When I watch cartoon network and disney channel, I  am always in awe and then I watch my nephews and nieces laugh. The joy in their faces is what inspires me. I do this to put smiles on faces. It tickles me seeing someone laugh at something I  did.

As for the animation industry, in 10years,I see Ajebotoons as a huge name in the animation industry and making a mark in Nigeria. Changing lives using animations.

Báyò Máyò: thanks for the chat/interview Emy, you also have a good sense of humour

Ajebotoons: Thanks Mayo :)