A group of men stripped and robbed two couples in separate incidents in Detroit last week, and in both cases they made the male victims watch while they raped the women.

In the latest assault a group of six men approached a young couple in Detroit’s west side on Thursday and forced them into an alleyway at gunpoint.

“The male victim was forced to watch the female victim get sexually assaulted. Their clothing was taken,” Detroit Police Deputy Chief Charles Fitzgerald told the Detroit News on Friday.

After the assault the suspects fled the scene on foot, leaving the victims partially naked.

“I seen the girl first,” a man, who saw the first couple fleeing for help, told local news outlet WDIV-TV. “She was running. She had on a little black tank top and nothing on under.”

In the second assault, which occurred early Friday morning, four men cornered another young couple and assaulted them in a similar fashion to the first attack. At least one of the suspects from that assault is believed to be connected to the first rape.

Detroit police released sketches of three of the suspects, which you can see up top.

Source: Daily News