A woman by the name of Lidiane Leite is currently wanted in Brazil on corruption charges after a huge amount of money was reported missing by authorities. According to reports, Leite – the now-ex-mayor Bom Jardim – has been on the run for 12 days after being accused of embezzling money from several schools.

Suspicions rose after Leite began posting newly-bought expensive cars, plastic surgeries and photos of her travels on social media, all three things the 25-year-old shouldn’t be able to afford with her job title. “She started flaunting a luxurious lifestyle that her salary couldn’t afford,” Federal Police delegate Max Ribeiro told CNN. “There were also complaints that she was leaving town every week and sending orders over phone apps like WhatsApp.”

Police believe up to $4 million is missing from Bom Jardim school funding. Her lawyer, Carlos Barros , says “she was too young and inexperienced when she took office. She lacked confidence and delegated many tasks to Mr Rocha,” her then-husband. Beto Rocha ran for mayor of Bom Jardim in 2012 but was replaced by Leite after getting caught up in corruption allegations.

Rocha is currently indicted as part of Leite’s current investigation and has been jailed. Leite is reportedly 150 miles from the town and has become “the most wanted person in Maranhao now,” claims Ribeiro. “She can’t hide for much longer.”