A Detroit carjacker allegedly chose his victims by race, according to the FBI, who claim that the 24-year-old told a witness not to worry about being harmed, because he only robs white people.

Brandon Lamar Williams allegedly robbed two men in a 2015 Ford Fusion in the Rouge Park area on Tuesday (September 1) with a gun in each hand. The victims turned over an Apple watch, two rings, a black bag, and the car before Williams pointed a gun at one of the victims and pulled the trigger three times; lucky for the victim, the gun didn’t fire.

Williams tried to make a getaway in the car, but he couldn’t leave the scene because the parking break wasn’t released. A good samaritan was unaware of the situation and tried to help the robber, who pulled a gun on the man.

After the good samaritan threw his hands in the air, Williams allegedly assured him, “You good, I only rob white people.”

Things got worse for Williams, who drove a stolen Jeep Liberty to the scene of the crime, and he got stuck in a median after backing into the Fusion he was trying to steal. After leading police on a high-speed chase, the robber hit another car, flipped the Jeep and hit two utility poles. Williams was ejected from the Jeep and was covered in power lines when police caught up to him.

He now faces 25 years in prison for federal carjacking and firearm charges.

Source: NY Daily News