UPDATE: President Obama reached out to Ahmed on Twitter, “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”

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A ninth grade boy by the name of Ahmed Mohamed was arrested Monday after bringing a homemade clock to school that most of his teachers mistook for a hoax bomb. Many believe the issue stems from the school officals’ alleged Islamophobia, as Mohamed repeatedly informed them that his project was a simple digital clock. “Here in high school, none of the teachers know what I can do,” the 14-year-old told Dallas News.

The young boy who’s enjoyed building things for years brought the clock to school to show off to his teachers and friends. After letting his engineer teacher have a look, the official advised Mohamed “not to show any other teachers.” Shortly after the alarm went off during his English class, prompting the teacher to take the homemade device away. “She was like, it looks like a bomb,” he continued. “I told her, ‘It doesn’t look like a bomb to me.'”

Fast forward to sixth period, where Mohamed was escorted out of class by his principal and a police officer. As he entered a room filled with four other officers, one said “Yup. That’s who I thought it was.” Mohamed was arrested around 3 p.m. and taken to a juvenile detention center, suspended from school for three days. “They thought, ‘How could someone like this build something like this unless it’s a threat?'” Ahmed expressed. “It made me feel like I wasn’t human – it made me feel like a criminal.”

Ahmed was released to his parents after getting his fingerprints taken. “He just wants to invent good things for mankind…But because his name is Mohamed and because of Sept. 11, I think my son got mistreated.”” said Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed.

Mohamed has since became the number one trending topic on Twitter and has gathered the support of thousands, including Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “Assumptions and fear don’t keep us safe—they hold us back. Ahmed, stay curious and keep building,” she tweeted early this morning. Ahmed also thanked all his fans, as he originally “didn’t think people would care about a muslim boy.