Kevin Slusher was fuming mad after being harrassed by collectors over a $2 million cell phone bill from Verizon.

The Oregon man said he was never satisfied with the cell phone company from the first month, when he received a bill for $698 that should have been $120. Slusher told KPTV News that he cancelled his contract with the company after the incident occured over ten months ago and thought his worries were over until a collection agency called and demanded upward of $2,000.

The ordeal put a stain on Slusher’s credit and could have possibly hurt his chances of closing on a house this week, as Verizon reportedly was not quick to change the bill amounting to $2,156,593.64. After admitting the bill was a mistake, a Verizon spokesperson told KPTV they apologized to Slusher and “have resolved the issue to his satisfaction.”