“For all the n****s in my inbox texting my phone and commenting on my pics. I am 26 yrs old with 4 kids. I am in school but no longer work because of a f***ed up situation. If u are pursuing me come strong and correct cause u are just one of many asking for the same thing. I am looking for STABILITY.”

Victoria knows what she wants, and she wants it now. The 26-year-old mother of fourhas become popular on Facebook due to her shameless requests while on the search for a suitor. “I have bills and I am not on section 8,” Miss Byerson continued. “If u are not willing to keep my hair done nails done feet done…these bills paid and this p***y happy DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT come for me.” Along with the status, Victoria has reposted several memes pertaining to her demands, including one that reads “broke n****s see it as tricking. Grown men see it as providing.”

Over the weekend Victoria’s posts went viral worldwide, prompting her to make aGoFundMe account in order to aid her efforts. “Many of you say u can support me financially so here is your chance. As I stated before I’m not selling my p***y. I deserve a man that can treat me the way I’m supposed to be treated. If u like what u see and would like to get to know me donate and we can move on from there,” she wrote in the short description.” Victoria has already received $20 of the $5,000 she’s requested.

Do you applaud Victoria’s honesty? Or should her personal life had remained just that? Sound off below.