Jay Z and Timbaland prevailed in a copyright case after a judge ruled that they didn’t illegally sample Baligh Hamdi’s “Khosara Khosara” on “Big Pimpin’.” Just a week into the U.S. District Court trial, Judge Christina A. Snyder stated that Osama Ahmed Fahmy, Hamdi’s heir, didn’t have standing to pursue the infringement case.

Timbaland paid $100,000 for the sample, but Fahmy claims that he and Jay Z “mutilated” his uncle’s moral rights depite paying EMI for the economic rights for the track. However, the judge rejected Fahmy’s idea, effectively ending the case.

David Steinberg, the lawyer for Timbaland and other defendants in the case, released a statement following the judge’s decision, stating that his clients  “have been vindicated in their position that they have every right to exploit ‘Big Pimpin’ ‘ wherever they choose, including in records, films and concerts.”