A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) youth leader, and member of the 2015 Goodluck Jonathan re-election campaign, Mr. Deji Adeyanju has described as false the allegations that popular blogger Linda Ikeji collected N240 million from the money the former National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd) is being investigated over by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Adeyanju told The Herald, “It’s a blatant lie. Don’t mind these government people. They are only fabricating stories because they are bereft of ideas on how to stabilize the economy and bring succour to the average Nigerian who is languishing ever since these dullards came into power.”

Becoming agitated, Adeyanju said sarcastically, “Infact we ate the money. What are they going to do? I dare the government to arrest me. Nonsense!”

Many PDP leaders have accused the Buhari administration of playing to the gallery concerning its anti-corruption stance. Members of the PDP have also alleged vicious media coverage based on spurious allegations.

One of the most popular websites in the world, Nairaland Forum hosted a thread which was started earlier this morning and in which the OP said a popular female blogger was given funds by the Federal Government.

Later this evening, Kayode Ogundamisi, an investigative journalist and civil rights activist echoed the allegations when he posted this on Facebook

Flash! Popular Female Blogger recieved N240 Million from ‪#‎DasukiGate‬ ? Dudafa Waripamo SA Domestic to former President Goodluck Jonathan said he gave N240m to a female popular blogger in Lagos.

image: http://i0.wp.com/herald365.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/15124931/3188051_bayo_pngadede93472a7eed469df0363801572eb-300×82.png?resize=300%2C82

3188051_bayo_pngadede93472a7eed469df0363801572ebDuring the heat of the elections campaign, Ms. Ikeji asked her loyal readers which includes a majority of Nigerians and Nigerians in the diaspora if she should collect money from political parties and many Nigerians answered in the affirmative.

A source who is a media analyst and wishes to remain anonymous told The Herald, As a billionaire blogger Ms. Ikeji is used to receiving seven to eight figure paychecks from companies that include Google, and virtually every brand that advertises in Nigeria.

Another source told The Herald that Linda Ikeji routinely makes over a million dollars quarterly and that even if such a payment from the Federal Government was made it is for her professional charges which she is at liberty to charge a premium for since she is the best in the industry.

He added, “this is very different from a sitting minister approving N80 million for a basic website design when he was a celebrated governor. Everything seems to be in order if any such transaction even exists.”

Linda has since denied the N240 million payment, claiming that she received similar campaign advertisement payment from All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).