Officer Jenchesky Santiago of the Prince George’s County Police was found guilty of first and second degree assault, use of a firearm in violence, and misconduct in office after he was seen pointing a gun to an innocent man’s head.

The incident occured on May 10, 2014, when Santiago approached a car where William Cunningham and his cousin Kennieth Smith were inside. The officer approached their car and claimed that they were illegally parked, which was untrue.

After Cunningham got out of his car to walk into his house, Santiago pointed his gun at the man and demanded that he “get back in the car!,” and he pressed the weapon to Cunningham’s head. The officer seemed to get more agitated as Cunningham slowly walked back to the car, and Santiago told the man,  “Go ahead. I dare you to f***ing fight me, son.”

He can also be heard telling them, “Y’all gonna learn about officer Santiago today. I just got back from Iraq. I’m not scared of you all. You need to watch your attitude because us P.G. cops, we shoot people.”

The men were illegally searched without consent and charged with disorderly conduct after he didn’t find anything in the vehicle. After the video of the incident was released the charges were dropped.

Check out the video above.