Florida boxer Darrell Telisme was arrested for shooting and killing Stan Stanisclasse, a sparring partner whom Telisme was never able to beat.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that Telisme first met Stanisclasse after walking into Dave Lewter’s West Palm Beach boxing gym in 2010 and challenging the 24-year-old to box. After bragging about how strong he was, Telisme lost to Stanisclasse, a trend that would carry on over the years.

An arrest report states that Telisme held a grudge against Stanisclasse, which reached a breaking point on Wednesday (Dec. 4) after an outing for pizza and beer. The two boxers debated about who is stronger, which led to both agreeing to a friendly street fight, which Telisme lost.

After parting ways, Telisme went over to Stanisclasse’s apartment, and when the boxer answered the door, Telisme fatally shot his longtime opponent.

Boxing gym owner Dave Lewter commented on the situation, telling the Sun-Sentinel, “It’s really pretty pathetic and silly. I can’t imagine what it was in [Telisme’s] mind that made him think this was a better option than just letting it go. Because what’s the win here? Going to prison for the rest of your life?”

Telisme is currently being held at the Palm Beach County jail on first-degree murder charges without bail.