Marie Holmes won the $188 Powerball jackpot in February 2015, and the North Carolina woman has bailed out her live-in boyfriend, Lamar McDow, four times, with the latest time costing her $12 million. Holmes previously made headlines after bailing out McDow, also known as “Hot Sauce,” for $9 million, of which she’ll pay a 10% non-refundable fee to the bail bondsman. Holmes also posted a $3 million and $6 million bond after McDow violated his pre-trial release, as he’s facing drug, assault, and weapons charges.

According to several reports, McDow was most recently arrested for allegedly setting up a street race between two Corvettes over the weekend, which was a direct violation of his pre-trial release. McDow wears an ankle bracelet that only allows him to go home, to work, church, and court, so when he was tracked as being elsewhere over the weekend he was promptly arrested.